Provider Collaboratives

We believe that providers who treat patients with substance use disorder can benefit from talking to each other about best practices, challenges, and questions they have about serving these patients. Building a community of learners helps support professional and personal growth. Monthly sessions allow providers to meet and discuss practice issues related to opioid use disorder. Most sessions feature a guest speaker with a brief presentation followed by open discussion. Session topics are chosen to reflect current events, changes in epidemiology and policy, and provider requests.

Collaboratives are forums for providers to network with each other to discuss a range of practice issues related to a topic and learn from each others’ experiences.  

HFP offers these collaboratives:

  • MOUD Provider Collaborative
  • Perinatal OUD Collaborative
  • Peer Models for Health Learning Collaborative - for CHWs/CPSs/CRSs, other peers, and Peer Supervisors (for more information, contact Kiera Kenney, MSW.

Past Trainings

provider collab
“I’ve learned to stop projecting my wants onto the patient, I’ve learned to stop demanding of them that they stop using heroin right now, that they come to that on their own terms, and in their own time. They come into the office and they get very respectful care and I make sure they have a good patient experience so that they want to keep coming back. I’ve learned to see the benefits of providing the medication in a low barrier fashion, and not withholding medication when a person is struggling.”
Dr. Jon Lepley, Medical Director, Addiction Medicine at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health