Shifting Perspectives About Working With Patients Who Use Drugs


People who have a substance use disorder may face a difficult time expressing the full extent of their medical needs to their healthcare providers. Additionally, healthcare professionals who have labeled this population as difficult to work with may have increased difficulty connecting with patients and offering them the high quality care that they deserve.

Often, these scenarios happen alongside each other and can create unnecessary tension within the workplace. As a result, patients, staff, and individual members of the care team may contribute to patients receiving care that is suboptimal. 

To help patients maintain engagement and to improve teams' ability to provide high quality care for patients, this training will offer practical information as well as interactive opportunities to practice working through difficult encounters with staff and patients.

Where: Virtual (Zoom)


Dave O'Gurek, MD, FAAFP,
Primary Care/Addiction Medicine Provider
Lehigh Valley Health Network

Continuing Education Credits Offered

Target Audience: Medical providers (MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, RNs), and other healthcare professionals including those who are part of integrated teams providing care for people who use drugs

Learning Objective:

  • Discuss and practice ways to improve attitude, language, and skills for improving engagement with patients who have substance use disorder


June 02, 2023
12:30 pm — 2:00 pm
Training Type Special Topics and Series Events