Case Review: Infectious Disease Vaccinations in People Who Use Drugs

There is an increased urgency to provide HAV/HBV vaccination and HIV/HCV screening/treatment for patients who use drugs due to their risk of infection. Nonetheless, patients presenting for care may have other priorities, and providers may not be prepared to offer vaccination. Additionally, other factors complicate screening, vaccination, and treatment, such as difficulty obtaining labs, tracking vaccination records, or contacting patients for follow up. This program sought to describe a patient who presented for treatment of substance use disorder and obtained vaccination for HAV/HBV.


Jennifer Aldrich, MD
Professor, Clinical Medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Learning Objective: 

  • Describe a case that illustrates how giving residents experience of providing care to patients with substance use disorders outside of traditional treatment settings benefits learners, patients, and communities.
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Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Aldrich, MD